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Modern sårvård

KRUUSE erbjuder två föreläsningar inom modern sårvård - smådjur och häst. Detta är en unik möjlighet att bli uppdaterad med de senaste rönen för att optimera sårläkningsprocessen. Vilka principer är grunden för rätt val av förbandsmaterial för sårets olika faser.

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Georgie Hollis - SMÅDJUR

Georgie Hollis trained as a podiatrist with an interest in wound healing and tissue viability. In 2000 her career took her into the medical device industry where she began to take a keen interest in the application of wound management products and their role in the animal patient in 2005. Fuelled by a lack of up to date education in this area for vets she began working independently in 2007 specializing in bringing modern wound technologies to the veterinary patient by providing consultancy and education.

Since then Georgie became a council member and Secretary (2007-2013) of the Veterinary Wound Healing Association and now presents internationally on the subject. Most recently Georgie has been invited to present workshops at NAVC (2013 and 2014) at SEVC (2012 and 2013) and has regularly lectured on behalf of BSAVA, BEVA and the BVNA. Georgie will be presenting on behalf of the Veterinary Wound Healing Association at the EWMA congress (2014), BEVA congress (2014), and BSAVA (2015).

Georgie is a member of EWMA (European Wound Management Association) and an honorary member of CITER (Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair) and an associate member of the BVNA. Georgie spends her time delivering wound management education to the veterinary profession and presents as part of the curriculum at both Nottingham and Liverpool Vet Schools. She is most driven by providing accessible education to practices and support for ongoing learning and practical help through her dedicated online resource; The Veterinary Wound Library.

Derek C. Knottenbelt - HÄST

Derek Knottenbelt qualified from Edinburgh University in 1970 and after a period in research spent 12 years in private practice. During this time he developed a keen interest in equine medicine and in 1985 he joined the academic world. He moved to Liverpool in 1989 and has since become Professor in Equine Internal Medicine.

Having recently retired and moved to Scotland he now consults in equine internal medicine and oncology at both Glasgow and Liverpool Universities.  He has published widely in the scientific and lay press and is the author of 10 recognised text books. He has received international awards for his welfare work and his science and in 2005 he was honoured with an OBE by the Queen for his services to the horse. He is involved with national and international equine welfare and other charities. His main professional interests are in oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology and wound management.

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