KRUUSE Silicone Endotracheal Tube I.D. 26 mm, O.D. 35 mm, L. 100 cm

Cuffed Silicone endotracheal tube used to deliver anaesthetic gases after oral intubation into the desired position. The inflated balloon cuff prevents gas loss during assisted respiration.
Silicone taperedconnection will allow easy connection to mostanaesthetic machines. High quality silicone tubes forequine use at an affordable price
o Soft and flexible
o Minimal discomfort to the patient
o Fully transparent
o Universal connector guarantees that all sizes easily fit your anaesthetic machine
o Can be sterilised at max. 115º C for max. 20 minutes
Product Material Silicone
Product AX Weight 0.43
Barcode 5703188218100
Is product discontinued No
Standard Order Quantity 1.00
Multiplum 0.00