BUSTER IncrediBowl lime green size S (1 l)

BUSTER IncrediBowl is an ideal solution for the long-eared dog fed with tinned food, the shape of the bowl keeps a dog´s long ears outside the bowl during eating.
Your dog´s ears will not be stained by liquid food that may leave a lingering bad smell behind. BUSTER IncrediBowl has a conical-shaped design that ensures a dog will not bolt its food, this is because they have to pickfood from theinner corners. This improves your dog´s health by reducing common maladies related to improper eating patterns. The soft material incorporates durable floor stabilisers that greatly inhibit movement while your dog eats.
Product AX Weight 0.40
Barcode 5703188249692
Is product discontinued No
Standard Order Quantity 3.00
Multiplum 0.00