BUSTER E-Collar for brachycephalic dogs, kit with assorted range: 2 x XS, 3 x S, 3 x M, 2 x L


Our range of BUSTER Collars has been extended with the new BUSTER collar for brachycephalic breeds.
Finally, you can get a suitable collar for the brachycephalic dogs without having to adjust and cut the collar.
Quick fastening system
Full body coverage
Multiple adjustment points for proper fit

The collar is available in 4 sizes from XS to L
Size L is suitable for English Bulldog, American bulldog, Boxer, Bullmastiff
Breeds from app. 18-25 kg.

The BUSTER dog collar for brachycephalic breeds is transparent and has the quick and simple “Clic” closing system which is well- known from the BUSTER Clic Collars.
The collars are made of 100% polypropylene.

Product Concept Post-Operative
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