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Ochraniacz nadgarstka, XS


Ochraniacz stawu nadgarstka może być stosowany jako dodatkowa ochrona stawu na przykład w przypadku jego nadwyrężenia, zwichnięcia a także po zabiegach chirurgicznych tej okolicy, które nie wymagają opatrunku gipsowego lub takowy został już zdjęty.

Ochraniacz nadgarstka, XS

Neopren - with plastic insert support (Turbocast), which can be heat moulded.

The carpal joint protector can be adjusted individually to any type of dog. This adjustment should be carried out by your veterinarian. The protector should be applied in cases where extra support of the joint is needed, e.g. following spraining, straining, or following surgical procedures, which do not require a cast,or subsequent to removal of cast and in any other cases, in which only a light support is required. Should be applied during training and subsequently removed when the dog is resting indoors. As the carpal joint protector is individually shaped, the dog owner can easily apply and remove the protector at home without professional assistance.

Immerse the protector (do not remove the plastic insert) inboiling water for 30 seconds. This will soften the plastic and make it pliable. Remove excess water by gently squeezing the water out of the protector with a towel. When excess water has been removed and the protector has cooled down, the fitting of the protector to the animal’s leg can proceed.
The dog’s leg must be stressed at a physiological angle during fitting. The opening with the protective dressing must be placed directly on the small pad at the back of the front leg. Fasten the protector to the leg with the Velcro tape. Occasionally the material can bulge out through the Velcro fastenings and a more optimal fitting can then be achieved bywrapping a Vet-Flex bandage around the protector. After ten minutes the plastic insert will be set in a perfect fit around the leg, and the Vet-Flex bandage and the protector can be removed. Let the protector dry in themoulded shape for a minimum of sixty minutes. Avoid handling the protector during this period. When the protector has dried sufficiently you will have an individually shaped carpal joint protector.

In case the protector gets soiled on the inside, it must be cleaned to avoid abrasions. To clean the protector, simply brush off any dirt. The protector can also be hand washed at 40º C with a mild detergent. If theprotector looses its shape subsequent to washing it can be reshaped according to the above-mentioned directions. However, in order to achieve the optimal fit the protector should be reshaped by your veterinarian. The protector can be reshaped several times.

Sizes and catalogue numbers:
S (Pointer, Greyhound bitch): 272161
M (Labrador, Alsatian): 272162
L (Rottweiler): 272163
XL (Mastiff): .272164

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