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Have you noticed?

...that our online search looks different?

We are currently changing our online search. This process includes three steps. The first two steps are up and running - the third will be implemented this week.

Step 1:
Consisted of changing the online search. You may have noticed that the search results since the end of January look a bit different - for example because you see more text on the products that match your search. You are also presented with fewer search results, and you can choose if you wish to see more results.

Step 2:
Consisted of adding a suggested search. You may have noticed this change since the middle of February. It shows as a list under the search field and is based on your input of item numbers or item texts. This way you can decide how specific or open your search needs to be - depending on how much you type.

Step 3:
Consists of product recommendations. As of this week you will see sliders with product suggestions on the front page, the category page and the product page. These are based on how you navigate our website. And they should help you see the products most relevant to you. Whether you choose to use these recommendations or not is of course entirely up to you.

We are very excited about this change. Please contact us, if you have any questions.