Hallowell2002 ventilator

Ventilator til anvendelse med KRUUSE Moduflex serien hvor kontrolleret ventilation ønskes. NB: Must be ordered with power plug! For NO power plug order item no. 391095

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Hallowell2002 Ventilator Ventilator for use with the KRUUSE Moduflex line where controlled ventilation is desired. The Hallowell EMC 2002 is an electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure limited ventilator. Electronic Control Eliminates the substantial driving gas required to operate pneumatically controlled ventilators. Time Cycled Insures consistently spaced breaths. The possibility of stacking breaths or auto- PEEP is eliminated by keeping the I:E ratio constant at 1:2. This means that regardless of the respiratory rate setting two-thirds of each breath will remain for expiration. The respiratory rate is adjustable from 6 - 40 breaths per minute (BPM). Volume Constant Insures that each delivered breath will have essentially the same volume, independent of changes in patient compliance and airway resistance. Pressure Limited Equipped with dual airway pressure alarms that monitor and sound when the peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) of any breath either exceeds the preset maximum working pressure limit (MWPL) or fails to reach 6 cm H2O as in the case of a disconnect. Warranty One year
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