Thoracic Surgery Kit in Stainless Case [CAMTHORKIT] (375832) - Thoracic/Abdominal Surgery |

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Thoracic Surgery Kit in Stainless Case [CAMTHORKIT]


This is the Thoracic Surgery Kit as used by Cambridge Vet School.
45 degree curved forceps 220mm, 90 degree curved forceps 245mm, Metz scissors Str 235mm. T.C., Metz scissors Curved 235mm T.C., DeBakey thumb forceps 205mm, Rat tooth thumb forceps 205mm, Debakey needleholders T.C. 200mm, Dressing forceps 205mm, Satinsky clamps 160mm long 20mm jaw, Satinsky clamps 200mm long 30mm jaw

Working inside the chest of medium and large dogs will require extended instrumentation. The instruments listed above represent a reasonable kit.

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