500 lb LigaFiba Lateral Suture (600 mm) + Crimp [LFLSCR500/5] (376180) - LigaFiba | www.kruuse.com

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500 lb LigaFiba Lateral Suture (600 mm) + Crimp [LFLSCR500/5]


LigaFiba does knot securely but for maximum security requires 6 throws which creates a rather bulky knot. Crimpimg creates a secure, low profile, radio-dense join between the free ends of LigaFiba. For convenience we now offer a lateral suture pack which includes an appropriate crimp. To make passing the LigaFiba through the crimpa simple process the 25mm of LigaFiba nearest the needle has been processed to minimise fraying. Always cut the lateral suture near theneedle. Supplied sterile as 5 packs of 500lb LigaFiba Lateral Suture plus crimps.

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