2.0 mm Locking Plate 10 Hole 61 mm Long [LPSH201061] (376189) - Plates Locking | www.kruuse.com

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2.0 mm Locking Plate 10 Hole 61 mm Long [LPSH201061]


Our 2.0mm stacked hole locking plates can be used either with our 2.0mm locking screws or with 2.0mm cortical or 2.0mm cortical self-tap screws.In common with all locking plate constructs, when used with locking screws, precise contouring to the bone surface is not required. Leaving a small gap between plate and bone helps minimise damage to the periosteal blood supply. Closely positioned holes (6mm between centres) makes these plates very useful for smaller fragments. Scaled plate profiles are available.

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