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Scil solo Phenobarbital test kit 6 pcs.


6 tester Phenobarbital for alle arter til Eurolyser.

The Eurolyser phenobarbital test aids in monitoring the phenobarbital levels in animals. Phenobarbital is administered to control seizures and epilepsy, as well as to relieve cramps. Depending on the dosage, the drug has been observed to have either a sedative or an hypnotic effect. In cats, phenobarbital is the first choice for antiepileptic treatment. In dogs, it may be administered together with potassium bromide, depending on the individual reaction of the patient to the treatment.

Blood phenobarbital concentration should be checked approximately 12 to 14 days after administration. It is recommended that the blood sample be drawn approximately two hours prior to the next scheduled dose of the drug.
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