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scil solo Fructosamin test kit (16)


16 tester Fructosamin for alle arter til Eurolyser.

About the parameter
Fructosamine is an ideal parameter for the monitoring of diabetic animals. Fructosamine arises by the binding of glucose to proteins. In dogs glucose has a stronger affinity to albumins, and globulins in cats. Because of the half-life time of plasma proteins a single measurement of fructosamine indicates the average glucose concentration over the previous 1 to 2 weeks.

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scil solo Fructosamin test kit (16)

Individual measurements of fructosamine should be interpreted in view of the clinical symptoms of diabetes, the body weight and the blood glucose concentration. The general rule is, the closer the fructosamine concentration to the reference range for healthy dogs and cats, the better the glycemic control.

Eurolyser’s “Gold standard fructosamine” assay is an enzymatic assay which is much more specific for glycated serum protein (fructosamine) than the old-traditional NBT based fructosamine assay which is significantly interfered by endogenous reducing substances. NBT reacts with various endogenous substances of reducing activity such as thiol groups, NADH and ascorbate. In fact, studies showed that only about half of the reducing activity (fructosamine) was due to specific non enzymatic glycation of proteins, and the remaining unspecific activity varied from serum to serum.

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