What is Intelligent Feeding...

“Mental stimulation is what truly makes the dog tired and satisfied.
After all, it has one of the highest mental capacities of all animals.

In the wild, this was crucial to track prey, often several times bigger and stronger,
outwit and kill it. This requires teamwork, the ability to learn and to solve problems.

All such activity has today been replaced with processed dog food served in a bowl”

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                                                                                                                            Psychologist and dog psychologist

Med BUSTER ActivityMat

- får du et Unik og innovativt aktiveringstæppe til hunde,
som kan reguleres i sværhedsgrad.

Det understøtter relationen mellem dig og din hund og giver jer mange timers leg og træning.

ActivityMat kan udbygges med nye opgaver, så du hele tiden har
nye udfordringer til din bedste ven


Top Hat


Rock'n Roll

Rat Trap

Rainbow Purse

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- Makes dinner playtime

BUSTER DogMaze is designed as a labyrinth. The feed is placed in the deep
and curved tracks. The dog can easily see, smell and even touch the food.
Yet it has to mobilize its intelligence to push the food to the exit holes for eating.
The dog will spend longer time on the meal and its senses are stimulated and
challenged while it eats.

The result is a healthy and happier dog.

DogMaze samlefoto


BUSTER Cube -not only a ball

We want to offer our customers the
best possible dental equipment...

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Catrine Catmosphare
-go for the hunt!

Cats are hunters by nature. Stimulate your cat’s
curiosity with this unique treat dispenser.
Filled with your cat’s favourite treats the
dispenser creates an unpredictable roll that
engages the cat to chase it.