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Companion Therapy CTX therapy laser, 15 W


Companion® CTX offers up to 15 watts of therapeutic effect and a unique user interface with a variety of features never before seen in a therapy laser. A good start with laser therapy is therefore easier than it has ever been before.

Companion Therapy CTX therapy laser, 15 W

Companion® CTX offers a variety of features that collectively integrates all the latest knowledge and experience in laser therapy in an attractive and easily accessible user interface.

As a new feature, the Companion® CTX has a new dosing calculator called Perfect Protocol. This tool combines the many advantages of Smart Coat® technology with easy entry of the desired size of the area to be treated (in cm2), the desired treatment effect (in watts), and the desired energy density of the treatment (in J/cm2). Perfect Protocol is the ideal opportunity to customize individual treatments for your patients.

Companion® CTX features therapeutic power ranging from 0.5 watts to an impressive 15 watts in CW mode. This means that for each condition, you can select the most appropriate treatment approach. 15 watts of therapeutic power ensures that you can deal with all conditions within a timeframe that makes laser therapy useful in practice.

Companion® CTX features a wide range of pre-programmed protocols for a variety of conditions commonly encountered in veterinary practice. The extensive library of treatment protocols is also species-specific, which means that you can find specific conditions protocols for canine, feline, equine and, as a new feature, exotic animals. The many protocols will make it very easy to start using laser therapy in practice.

Patient Tracker™ is another feature of the Companion® CTX. Patient Tracker makes it easy to save and reuse the patient-specific treatments you have created. This ensures that your patients receive consistent treatments, even if somebody else is carrying out the actual treatment.

The superb Companion® CTX touch screen also offers another new feature. Now you have the opportunity to play a series of training videos directly on the screen. This provides opportunities to train staff and inform your clients in an easy and convincing way.

Like its predecessor Companion® CTC, Companion® CTX is portable and can run up to an hour at full power. This makes Companion® CTX equally suitable in a clinic situation and in a mobile practice.

Just like the other Companion Lasers, the Companion® CTX features the unique Empower application system with 4 treatment specific application heads. This ensures optimal application of energy to the tissue, whether your treatment is in direct contact with the tissue or a non-contact treatment.

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