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KRUUSE Rehab FitPAWS Wobble Board Ø 90 cm


The FitPAWS® Wobble board is an advanced balance training and core-strengthening tool for canines. Specific features include the 50 cm and 90 cm round non-slip textured training surface and a 6 cm wood fulcrum for full 360° dynamic rotation. While your dog works to stay centered on top of the balance board, your dog’s core muscles will engage and strengthen. Balance training can help dogs with body awareness (proprioception) and self-confidence as they learn to master changing and unstable environments. Puppies can be started early with balance training. The FitPAWS® Wobble Board can also be used for targeting specific limbs for weight-bearing therapy and muscle strengthening rehab. The FitPAWS® Wobble Board features an extra-large non-slip textured surface that is big enough for most dogs. The FitPAWS® 90 cm Wobble Board includes three interchangeable fulcrums (small, medium, large) for different balance challenges and degrees of difficulty. For beginner dogs, you can even start without any fulcrum so that your dog gets used to the feel of the board. Then add the Small fulcrum and progress to the Medium and Large fulcrums as your balance training evolves. The FitPAWS® 90 cm Wobble Board is a great dynamic balance training tool to add to your dog’s cross-training as it swivels a full 360°. Your dog will not only develop balance skills but will also improve its core strength as it works to maintain its center of gravity on the board. Training regularly on the FitPAWS® Wobble Board is a good way to maintain strongjoints, range of motion and mobility. The extra-large surface makes this board indispensable for the canine rehab professional as it allows you to stand on top of the board with your client ´s dog.

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