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UB Cam Pro 2.0 Videoscope


UB CAM Pro 2.0TM Videoscope
A useful tool for various applications in veterinary clinics
Lightweight, allowing single hand use
• Excellent image quality
• Live view with still image and video capture
• Review data with client or for referral
• Easy file/save image documentation

UB Cam Pro 2.0 Videoscope

UB Cam enables the vet to capture and record high resolution images.
With easy image documentation UB Cam provides the ideal tool for patient treatment, comparison and record.
The videoscope is an excellent tool for visual client and referral information, especially in narrow spaces such as the ear ducts and the oral cavity.
Multiple interchangeable specula make the videoscope highly versatile in practice with: otoscopy,dermatology, wound cavity and as an oral camera during dental procedures.

Technical Specifications:
• Can be connected to PC/laptop via USB 2.0 port
• Minimum requirement: Windows XP
• Sensor type 1/4.5” VGA CMOS
• Sensor resolution: 660H x 507V, 334.620 pixel
• Sensor pixel size: 3.6 μm x 3.6 μm

Plastic speculums (funnels):
- 3x32mm
- 4x53mm
- 5x45mm
- 5x70mm
- 7x52mm
- 7x52mm, with working channel
- 9x43mm Dermatoscopy
- 5 m extension cable

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