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KRUUSE Hoof Glue 200 ml


Fast setting two-component polyurethane adhesive for cattle.
KRUUSE Hoof Glue has been designed as a treatment for bovine hoof pathologies. It is used for bonding a wooden orthopedic block under the healthy hoof. Thus, the injured hoof is raised clear of the ground. That allows an immediate recovery of the mobility, a fast healing and the resumption of the normal milk yield in a short term.

KRUUSE Hoof Glue 200 ml

Technical Features:
Initial setting: 15 sec. (at approx. 20° C)
Complete hardening: 30-40 sec. (at approx. 20° C)
Foot release: 3-4 min. Less stress for the cow
Bond strength of the block properly fixed: 4-5 weeks
One cartridge is sufficient for 9-11 treatments

Why choose the KRUUSE Hoof Glue:
Extremely easy to use
Last generation PU technology
“No-waste” hermetic packaging in application and storage
Innovative closing system: no risk of obstruction or breaking of the cartridge
200 ml. content: from 10% to 25% of material more than other products on the market

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