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EQUIVET X- Ray Positioner


Equine practioners know that consistent positioning and repeatable views are important for good diagnostic radiographs of the equine limb. Clinical field situations often result in varying angles, distance and exposure.

EQUIVET X- Ray Positioner

Lesions (particularly on the navicular bone and the 3rd phalanx) can be obscured or eliminated by variations in the radiographic position.The EQUIVET X-Ray positioner is a very handy and space saving unit which easily can be transported in the practice car.

1. Navicuar/P3 Dorso-Ventral view.
2. Anterior/Posterior and Oblique Views of Fetlock/Pastern.
3. Pastern/Fetlock Lateral View.
4. Carpus/Hock View.
5. 3rd Phalanx Views.

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