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KRUUSE Moduflex anaesthesia

For many years, KRUUSE has supplied veterinarians worldwide with an excellent selection of anaesthetic machines.
We have now expanded our range of anaesthetic equipment and are very proud to introduce our new KRUUSE Moduflex line.

We set ambitious goals for our new line: We wanted high quality at a reasonable price. At the same time, we wanted to offer our customers a wide variety of anaesthetic machines in order to cover t he various demands, different types of practices have. In our KRUUSE Moduflex line, we have anaesthetic machines to suit all needs, from excellent entry-level models to very attractive high-end models, which in essence c an be configured to suit the specific needs of the individual practice. Several of the anaesthetic machines are available both as a wall-mounted model and as a trolley-based model.

We have also chosen to offer ou r customers an attractive selection of accessories in this line, such as the Bain system and a patient circuit alarm.

In short - KRUUSE Moduflex is the answer to the vast majority of needs when it comes to veteri nary anaesthesia!
Welcome to KRUUSE Moduflex!

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