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Auction terms and conditions

Who can join the auction: KRUUSE customers (having a KRUUSE account number)

Proceeds go to
The whole amount goes to WWF (link til The winner of the auction will be paid tribute to in WWF's marketing material

Cancellation rights You have no rights to cancel your bid/purchase. The bids are binding.

Bidding and purchase agreement
You are liable for all bids that have been placed. The Dental Unit is sold at the highest bid. If you win the auction, you will receive a winning bid e-mail notifying you of this.

Our ordinary claims and service rights are valid.

KRUUSE sends out an invoice of your bid/purchase. Please note that it is only the company with the highest bid that will be invoiced!

Collection and shipping The Gold Dental Unit can be collected from KRUUSE after the end of the auction or or we can ship it to you with a future order.

How to do? You can submit your bid below filling out all information fields. Currently, on this page and on Facebook, KRUUSE will inform you about the highest bid (name and company name are anonymous). If you have any questions regarding the auction please contact your KRUUSE executive.

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