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Interested in fast, easy eye diagnostics? Consider the Tonovet.

Some 15% of the patients in your daily practice have an eye disorder. That's why it is important to have basic ophthalmic diagnostic tools in your clinic.

Tonometry is used to measure intraocular pressure (IOP). Experts recommend that IOP is measured on all patients with ocular problems as a high or low IOP is an important symptom of several serious eye disorders. Early uveitis will often manifest by a low IOP while a high IOP means glaucoma.

Unfortunately, uveitis is a disorder which can be missed and misinterpreted as other, more harmless eye disorders. However, as it requires a different treatment and can develop into the more serious disorder glaucoma, it is very important to be able to make the right diagnosis, initiate proper treatment and also monitor the efficiency of the treatment at control visits.

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Your tonometer is a crucial tool

The tonometer is a somewhat overlooked tool in general veterinary surgeon practice. This may be due to many things – one of the most important perhaps a belief that it is complicated to use.

However, it cannot get any easier than a Tonovet. Tonovet uses a probe making gentle contact with the eye and determining the IOP accurately based on several measurements. It is easy and quick to use and causes no discomfort to the animal. Play this video to learn how easy the Tonovet is to use.


One advantage of Tonovet compared with other tonometers is that you do not have to sedate the animal and that the animal accepts the examination much better than with other tonometers.

To be able to differentiate quickly between serious and less serious common eye disorders and to be able to make the right diagnosis and provide the best treatment, we recommend that you use your Tonovet for all patients with eye disorders.

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If you increase your fee slightly for this ocular examination, you will soon recover your investment and earn money on your Tonovet. In fact, you only need to perform two examinations a week to do this. Calculate for yourself using the breakeven analysis we have uploaded here.

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