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Kit4Cat - Easy Urine Collection

Kit4Cat is revolutionary biodegradable hydrophobic sand that has a natural non-toxic urine repelling coating.

It allows veterinarians, technicians, and cat owners to quickly and easily collect a cat’s urine sample, without resorting to invasive procedures such as Cystocentesis.

The cat’s urine will stay on top, allowing you to collect the urine using the pipette and vial that are included in every bag.

Benefits for the Vet
- Easy urine collection that saves you time
- Obtain a clean uncontaminated sample
- Remain bite and scratch free
- Collect urine from older and obese cats with ease
- Biodegradable, so disposal is easy
- 100% natural and non-toxic
- Cat owners can collect a sample at home

Benefits for Cat Owners
- Cats will remain stress-free and happy
- Sedation and hospitalization not required
- Non-invasive, so no pain and no complications
- Cats enjoy playing with the sand
- Sample can be collected at home
- Great for monitoring diabetic cats
- Perfect for cats with chronic kidney disease

Benefits for Cats
- 100% natural sand
- Painless and stress-free urine collection
- Non-invasive, non-toxic and odourless
- Cats are keen to step on Kit4Cat sand
- Kit4Cat sand appeals to the cat’s natural behavior
- The sand is softer to step on than plastic pearls


Why urine analysis?

Urine analysis (UA) is one of the basic laboratory tests needed for the complete medical evaluation of cats. UA is the ultimate test, which can differentiate between renal and non-renal azotemia. UA enables the clinician to detect urinary red and white blood cells, bacteria, glucose, ketones, bilirubin, crystals, pH and more.

Despite its importance and ease of testing, UA is often not performed (especially in feline medicine) because obtaining a sample can be challenging. In feline medicine, kidney disease, lower urinary tract problems and behavioural problems, which include inappropriate urination, are very common, therefore UA is a much needed test for routine cat wellness and when assessing sick patients.

- Independent studies to verify the validity of Kit4Cat for use by veterinarians to diagnose common feline diseases
- The studies show that Kit4Cat provides identical results to existing invasive urine collection methods such as Cystocentesis
- In some instances, red blood cells (RBC’s) were detected in the cystocentesis sample and not in the free catch (Kit4Cat) sample
- In samples where crystals, bacteria or glucose were detected, they were seen in all paired samples

Click here to see results from a validation study

How to use Kit4Cat
Kit4Cat sand is easy to use, and is very effective for collecting a cat’s urine sample. Anyone can use it either at home or in a veterinary clinic, with excellent results.
Please follow the instructions below.

1. Cut open the bag of Kit4Cat sand, and pour the contents of the entire bag into a clean litter box.

2. Spread the Kit4Cat sand so that a small layer covers most of the litter box. Each bag of Kit4Cat sand includes a smaller bag with a pipette and a vial; please remove these and put them aside for collecting the urine sample later

3. Place the litter box in a place that is accessible to the cat, and let the cat freely urinate on top of, or next to, the Kit4Cat sand.

Please note: If you have more than one cat please make sure that only the cat that you need checked has access to the litter box.

4. Once the cat has finished urinating, and has moved away from the litter box, use the included pipette to collect the urine, and then place it into the included vial.

Please note: If the urine drops are small, use the pipette to push the drop together to form a larger drop

Please note: If the urine “disappears”, so that it is under the Kit4Cat sand, simply move a little of the sand aside to uncover the “hidden” urine

DO NOT mix Kit4Cat with conventional cat litter.
The contents of 1 of the 3 bags is enough to collect a sample, and is for 1 time use. An opened bag needs to be used within 72 hours.
Do not reuse Kit4Cat.

Please click here for a pdf of the product