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Would you also be interested in rehabilitation?

The interest in quality products within the field of rehabilitation and training of dogs is increasing steadily.

Consequently, KRUUSE, in conjunction with ReDog AB, has developed and designed a range of products which will assist you in terms of getting your patients back in shape following surgery or illness.

The KRUUSE Rehab range, designed by ReDog of Sweden, consists of:

  • KRUUSE Rehab Dog Covers
  • KRUUSE Rehab Joint Protectors
  • KRUUSE Rehab Weight Cuffs
  • Pet Stance Analyzer


We also have a range of training products:

FitPAWS Training Balls
FitPAWS Balance Discs, 35 & 55 cm
FitPAWS Hurdle Set
FitPAWS Giant Rocker Board
FitPAWS Mat for Giant Rocker Board
FitPAWS Conditioning Balls
FitPAWS Balance Pad

Water Walker:
Can be used as rehabilitation after surgery, for weight loss or as extra training before competitions.

Fit Fur Life Ground Treadmill


Other training equipment:

• Training Elastic Band
• Goniometer
• DVDs
• Walking bars and lifting harnesses

The KRUUSE Rehab range will constantly be developed and updated to include new and exciting products.

Read more in the KRUUSE Rehab catalogue here