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The Fight against Digital Dermatitis

Digital dermatitis (DD) is a big problem in dairy herds. For cows, DD means pain that causes various degrees of lameness and directly impacts the animals’ well-being. Countless research studies have shown that the disease has a direct impact on milk production, reproduction and hence life expectancy in production. Ultimately, all these factors can damage the farmer financially to a considerable degree if nothing is done about the problem.


Management and treatment of the individual animal have been found to be the most effective weapons in the fight against DD.

Traditional treatment consists of:

  • Washing the hoof thoroughly
  • Applying an antibiotic/drying agent such as salicylic acid powder
  • Applying a dressing, which must typically remain in place for 3 days

This ”traditional” treatment method causes the following problems:

  • Applying a dressing is difficult and time consuming
  • Salicylic acid powder is often hard to dose correctly and can be risky to the user’s health due to inhalation of powder
  • The dressing may not be tight enough and can fall off
  • The dressing may be too tight, leading to complications such as sores resulting in a decrease in blood supply
  • The dressing may be hard to remove from the cow again

With KRUUSE Hoof Gel and BOVIVET Hoof Bandage we give you the best tool for treating digital dermatitis.

See for yourself how fast you can treat digital dermatitis in this video.

BOVIVET Hoof Bandage - Patent pending
BOVIVET Hoof Bandage is a complete bandage – ready to apply. It is made of a water-repelling material that keeps unwanted liquids out. Its shape and elastic materials are designed to keep the stocking in place.

A treatment pad placed inside the bandage makes dosing easy, such as with KRUUSE Hoof Gel 38%, once the bandage is put in place. You still have the option of applying another dose, since the bandage design lets you check the progress of the treatment whenever you want. The bandage remains in place, and you can rest assured that there will not be complications.

BOVIVET Hoof Bandage is easily and quickly positioned, makes dosing easy, and is easy to take off again. Comes in 3 sizes:

XL: Fits most breeds
L: Fits small breeds and heifers
S: Fits calves and small breeds

Cat. No 220410 Size S 10/pk
Cat. No 220411 Size L 10/pk
Cat. No 220412 Size XL 10/pk

KRUUSE Hoof Gel 38%, 500 ml

KRUUSE Hoof Gel contains 38% salicylic acid, an amount known for its good results when treating sores. KRUUSE Hoof Gel has a number of advantages in comparison with salicylic acid powder:

  • Dosing is easy
  • More economical per treatment
  • Reduces health risks to the user due to inhalation

Cat. No 220402

Read all about the BOVIVET Hoof Bandages in our brochure here 

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