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Dental Equipment

A Profitable Investment

When dental clinics prioritise the importance of investing in costly equipment in order to further develop their facilities, they often fail to recognise that an investment of this calibre will prove profitable in a very short period of time – as is the case in this instance. The main reason for profit is the fact that by putting strong focus on the dental area, a clinic can generate relatively large sums of earnings with minimum effort. By investing in the right equipment, you will soon find that your daily tasks become significantly easier to carry out and you will gain more job satisfaction. Furthermore, you will also have succeeded in directing focus towards this somewhat neglected part of the veterinary practice – ie the dental equipment area.

Approximately 70-80% of all cats and dogs above the age of 2 years are estimated to suffer from periodontal disease in any shape or form, so even the most prudent form of cost estimate applied, when considering a greater prioritisation of this development area, leaves plenty of potential unexplored.

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Requirements for Dental Units

In order to carry out the most optimal treatments, your clinic must possess the requisite tools. For example a dental unit of a certain standard and an ultrasonic scaler.

The dental unit should feature a low-speed handpiece for polishing and a high-speed handpiece for bone removal or sectioning of teeth, as well as a straight nose cone for rabbit and rodent dentistry.

3-way water, air syringe is also a must and a suction dental unit is highly useful in connection with complex surgery procedures.

KRUUSE offers dental units with various features. Please get in touch with your KRUUSE contact person to receive an offer which is customised to suit your specific clinic.