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How-to Guides

How to choose the right grip size for your elevator/luxator:

It is a big advantage to be able to choose between two grip sizes when you invest in new elevators/luxators.
It is important to control your instrument; otherwise, it can slip on the tooth and hurt the patient.
Place the rear part of the grip in the palm of your hand and hold out your forefinger towards the tip of the instrument. The size is right if your forefinger is just behind the working tip.

How to change the drills in the High-speed turbine?

Why should you change drill often:
- Faster procedure
- Easier pressure during drilling
- Longer durability of turbine
- Less generation of heat 

1. Place the drill in the bottom of the turbine WITHOUT pushing the button behind the turbine head
2. Push the button on the turbine head hard and place the drill properly in the turbine
3. Let go both pressures and the drill is ready to use
KRUUSE recommend to change or to autoclave the drill between every treatment

How to use the Twist Chuck Lock funktion on Straigt nose cones:

Our straight hand pieces are very ergonomic in use and the installation of the drills is very easy. The “finger part” is made from blue silicone; guarantees correct grip and reduces finger fatigue during long procedures.
1. Please note ”O” for open and ”C” for closed
2. Turn the blue silicone part into ”open” position
3. Put the drill or the angle piece on the tip
4. Turn the blue silicone part into “closed” position and now it is ready to use

How do you change the tip of the Piezo scaler:

The tip of the scaler will be worn out over time, so please check and change when necessary.
If you do so it will help you to get:
*Faster procedure
*Easier pressure during scaling
*Longer durability of scaler
*Less generation of heat 

dent It is very easy to see if the tip should be changed. We have tip cards free of charge; please order cat. No 282502.

g2 Find the number of your tip on the tip root (eg G2) and find it on the card

1. Hold the handpiece and the spanner (with the tip) in each hand
2. Put the spanner and the handpiece together
3. Turn the spanner until you a ”click”. It is a torque spanner so you cannot ”over screw” it
4. Pull the spanner over the tip, carefully, and the system is now ready to use