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Optibrand ClearView, Retina Camera

ClearView™ a whole new View on Patient Eye Care
ClearView™ uses patented technology that automatically captures retinal images in a digital format. This makes you able to capture clear, diagnostic images of the retina in very short time at 19 frames per second.

The ClearView™ Optical Imaging System projects images onto your computer screen for closer examination. Stored images can easily be sent to an ophthalmologist or other relevant recipients for further investigation through ClearView´s easy-to-use, online telemedicine portal. If necessary you can store the pictures in your pet’s permanent records and monitor the development of certain systemic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes over time.

The ClearView™ product includes a helpful client education DVD that explains eye structure and why the retinal imaging product is valuable. Clients learn that ClearViews high-resolution images of the retina can help in the early detection of retinopathies or even monitoring the development of chronic diseases.

- The ClearView™ is an easy-to-use, affordable, advanced diagnostic tool for ophthalmic use
- It delivers better information for the client who is able to see what is actually going on in their animal´s eye and will put greater value on the care being offered
- With the ClearView™, you have a more powerful diagnostic tool in hand with fast image processing and easy storage

Optibrand ClearView, Retina Camera, comes with
- Product DVD, with instructions on use of the ClearView™
- Service contacts information
- Quick steps guide to operations
- ClearView™ Device powered by the USB cable
- Software installation disc

Use this link to find more educational information about the ClearView Camera

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