Introduction to Laser Therapy and it's Role in Pain Management - 1 CE Hour |



Introduction to Laser Therapy and it's Role in Pain Management - 1 CE Hour

Using a practical and easy-to-understand approach, the science behind why this modality is so successful will be presented. Learn how laser light interacts with tissue to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing. Learn how laser therapy is unique and how it works with complementary combinations of drugs to optimize an analgesic effect assisting clinicians in managing perioperative, acute, and chronic pain. Clinical case reports demonstrate the laser’s role in reducing pain and accelerating healing in a wide range of Dr. Johnson’s patients.

Jennifer F. Johnson, VMD, CVPP, presenter
Dr. Johnson attended the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine. She worked as an associate veterinarian for 14 years before becoming the sole owner of Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2007. The AAHA-accredited hospital employs four veterinar-ians and 35 team members. Dr. Johnson’s special interests include general and orthopaedic surgery of all pets. Pain management has always been a priority at her practice. The hospital uses laser therapy to treat acute and chronic pain. In 2013, Dr. Johnson achieved board certification in pain management through the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.

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