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DGK-DVG Berlin, 6-10 November 2013

From the 6th to the 10th of November, the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin will host the 59th annual DGK-DVG Veterinary Congress.

Besides a wide academic program, the DGK-DVG congress will feature an industry exhibition from the 8th to the 9th of November, where a wide array of companies within pharmaceuticals, nutrition, technical equipment and wholesale, will showcase their newest products and solutions. For the first time ever, KRUUSE will be exhibiting in the DGK-DVG Congress with its own stand, featuring the following new products:

Ambu vScope – The Ambu vScope brings video endoscopy down to such an affordable level that all vets and clinics, regardless of size, can offer endoscopic exams, without having to make a big investment. The vScope comes complete with a monitor and 2 flexible disposable endoscopes, that allow for a quick and easy startup, as well as a wide array of endoscopic uses within both small animals and equine clients

PetSafe Stance Analyzer – The PetSafe Stance Analyzer offers a revolutionary new way to measure lameness and weight bearing in injured animals. Combining a 4-zoned scale for each limb, together with an easy-to-use software, the Stance Analyzer gives veterinarians the possibility to make accurate diagnoses of the weight bearing in patients with lameness, in seconds. The Stance Analyzer includes both the scale as well as a laptop with pre-installed software for easy start-up.

Companion Therapy Lasers – The Companion CTC therapy laser offers the best and most intuitive solution for Class-4 Laser Therapy treatments in companion animals. With its thousands of pre-set protocols, 4 different treatment heads, as well as being portable and lightweight, no other therapy laser on the market makes it easier to start offering this unique, non-traumatic and pain-free form of therapy treatment.

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Come to our stand no. 14 in the Estrel Convention Center for a closer look and free demo of these exciting and revolutionary new products, which will enhance the treatment quality in your clinic from day 1.

See you in Berlin!

Your KRUUSE Team