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The story behind BUSTER DogMaze

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BUSTER DogMaze is a toy, a bowl and a healthier, happier pet all in one... This fabulous product is the culmination of a lifelong friendship and a shared passion for pet welfare of Mikkel Hansen and Frederik Lindskov, the two Danish inventors.


It took almost 10 years of dedicated work and product development. The two inventors have specialised in developing pet accessories which stimulate and challenge your pet. The idea was to stimulate as many senses as possible.

Three aspects are of paramount importance for this team of inventors: Simplicity, Sturdiness and Stylishness. As Mikkel Hansen explains: "Because we are working with animals and animal welfare a general feature in our collaboration is that we keep simplifying shapes and ideas until we have the ultimate essence of the entire working process gathered in one product: a functional, sturdy and stylish product, which could in fact be considered a design object for pets.”

During the shooting of the BUSTER DogMaze commercial, the two inventors happened to show up at the set with a couple of their own dogs. The two dogs were an example of health and vigour ...  both dogs ended up in the commercial.

And once you start, you don't stop. The two inventors have more to come. It will be interesting to see what the innovative duo will present next.



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