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Daytime WFLA (reaches a massive 33 million viewers!)
Combined with a great blog review on the importance of activating your pets, Kristen showed up on a special Holiday Gift show and demonstrated along with her dog, Chili, how happy it makes your pet to work for their food.

Check out the show on Daytime

Another must mention is Toys, Tots, Pets and More, TTPM (welcomes 225.000 unique monthly visitors!)
This was also a great review!

Link to the review

You can also find the review on this link, where the BUSTER ActivityMat was awarded the Paw of Excellence

Where would we have been without Pet Product TV? 
In a special Holiday Gifts Show, the BUSTER ActivityMat was aired as a MUST HAVE item for the holiday with your pet. This show first aired in 2015. It shows lifestyle expert and author, Sandy Robins, along with pet expert, Robert Semrow, discussing pet tips, products, stories and much more. The BUSTER ActivityMat is reviewed as the first product.

See the clip here

Other input has also involved Pet podcasts and radio commercials.
For example Oh Behave with Arden Moore: 

Link to the podcast with the top 10 ideas for Holiday gifts

Also, our very own Lars Lund appeared on Pet Life Radio in the Best Bet September Show in an interview with Michelle Fern to talk about the BUSTER ActivityMat

Link to the radio show