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BUSTER ActivityMat has gone viral

New Nomination: "Pet Toy of the Year"!!

Every year TTPM invites consumers to choose their favorite new pet toys leading up to the holidays. The TTPM editorial team chose their favorite playthings in 12 different fun categories. Voting by the consumers will start November 1st  and end November 29th.

For the first time, we are engaging the media who cover the pet toy business with a prompt to vote. Press will vote on a separate ballot and the overall winners of the two ballots will make up "America's Wish List," to be announced Dec 1st.

TTPM will encourage pet fans to vote during the month of November and will offer voters free entry into the Peoples Play Awards Sweepstakes, where they have the chance to win one of the nominated products.

All companies on the ballot are permitted to rally their fans to vote for their nominated product(s). You can see the ballot on 11/1 and your fans can vote here

Need we add that we are thrilled and extremely proud...?

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So what's the story with this ActivityMat??

To say it mildly - the hype around the BUSTER ActivityMat has been massive!

It all started with the Danish inventor of the ActivityMat, Marianne Vesterholt. She firmly believed in the need for a product that could mentally challenge her own dog, Ludvig, through play, so the idea of the ActivityMat slowly settled with her. With Ludvig as her own private beta-tester, she developed what is by now a huge success worldwide and particularly in the USA - in fact an instant hit.

And you don't need to take our word for it - check below what others say:

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At the Global Pet Expo 2015 the product was launched, and retailers, distributors and the press were amazed by the idea. The press coverage did not delay much...Next stop was an invitation to the Bark Fest in New York. Then came Christmas - and reviews from bloggers, radio and TV hosts presented the ActivityMat as the brilliant gift for your best friend.

For us this coverage has been a blast, and if you are a journalist, blogger, TV or radio host and would like to review the BUSTER Activity Mat, please contact us for further details. If you want to learn more about the BUSTER Activity Mat and see a video of it in use, find it here

We also got printed coverage - here a selected few:

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is mentioned:


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The fact remains: More than 30 million pet parents have already been exposed to the BUSTER ActivityMat and are thus potential buyers. If you are a dealer and have not already stocked the BUSTER ActivityMat in your store, please contact us to find out how you can join the hype.