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BUSTER ActivityMat is one of the top 5 inventions in Denmark this year!

At KRUUSE we are very happy on behalf of Marianne Vesterholt who invented the BUSTER ActivityMat: it has been nominated as one the 5 best inventions in Denmark in 2015 of the Berlingske Newspaper.

The online article in Berlingske Newspaper says: "The right idea and a good drive can lead to a real invention helping thousands of people to solve small and large problems".

As to the dog owners Marianne Vesterholt's invention has given them a unique opportunity to activate their dogs mentally -  for the happiness of the dogs and definitely for their owners, too. And it was simply the wish Marianne Vesterholt had for her and her dog Ludvig; so congratulations Marianne!

If you have not seen the BUSTER ActivityMat yet, please find the brochure here and read more about it.