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New EquiVet Power Dent System

To keep up with the ever evolving equine dental market, Kruuse are pleased to announce the launch of their new dental power tool.  We have for a number of years  been looking for a power system that can also offer the benefit of water.  We are pleased to bring you the new Power Dent which offers you the highest quality British workmanship with excellent flexibility.  When it comes to the hand pieces for the system you have the option to choose between different hand pieces either with or without the option of water irrigation.  With the EquiVet PowerDent System it only takes 6-8 minutes to complete a routine float both precisely and gently.  The battery life would enable you to do 15 routine dentals.

The Powerful and lightweight EquiVet PowerDent Unit Li motorised system includes a special 24V DC motor mounted inside the controller unit with a 5 speed bi-directional selector switch.  Electronic torque control is built into the system.

EquiVet PowerDent includes a powerful and lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, 24V brushless motor, cable, grease gun and a 4oz tube of Haynes-Lubri Film Plus for the hand pieces, 30ml tube Foredom grease, user manual, flight case for easy transportation and storage. 

(picture of the unit as per page 61 of the new equine catalogue)

The EquiVet curved hand piece is 51cm long and had a unique pull and turn in four 90 degree positions, coupled with its double curved shaft gives you greater control in addressing routine dentistry work.  The four position settings are open, closed, upper and lower.  The bidirectional capability gives greater control and helps prevent soft tissue damage.

(picture of curved handpice as per page 61 as above)

We are also able to bring a straight hand piece also 51cm long and ideal for cheek, buccal, cups, radius and bit seats.  With the extra length and light weight burr this hand piece makes the work in the mouth of the horse much safer.  It is supplied without a burr.

(picture of straight hand piece as per page 61)

The system is virtually self-maintaining with parts easy to replace.

Our water irrigation system is impressively light and hooks easily onto your belt.  It is low voltage as battery operated.  Helps keep dust levels down and improves visibility. Additionally this option enables you to keep the teeth and the head of your hand piece cool and improve the finish of your work.

(picture of water system as per page 61)

A selection of burrs are also available for use with the system.

(picture of burrs as per page 61)