KRUUSE Postoperative Care

We offer a wide range of postoperative care products for cats and dogs in the
original BUSTER design. Collars, body suits and body sleeves are different 
ways to prevent animals from reaching certain areas of the body.



The KRUUSE Postoperative Care products are perfect in case of:

  Postoperative care

  Wound care

  Spay/neuter recovery

  Hot spots and other skin ailments

  Skin diseases


  Urogenital or perianal issues

BUSTER Dog Collar for Brachycephalic Breeds

Finally, you can get a suitable collar for the brachycephalic dogs without having to adjust and cut the standard collar.
The ideal choice for patients recovering from surgery or minor injuries. It is also suitable to protect lesions resulting from
excessive licking, biting or chewing.

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BUSTER Body Suit & Body Sleeves

The soft and comfortable BUSTER Body Suit and Body Sleeves are used
as protection and comfort after surgery or in case of skin disease.

BUSTER Body Suit

BUSTER Body Sleeves for Front Legs

BUSTER Body Sleeves for Hind Legs

BUSTER Design Collar Bones

Make the sending home of the animal more fun with the new BUSTER Design Collar with printed bones. Watch the surprise and happiness of your clients when the dog wears printed collar in eye-catching colours.

UK_Collar size

BUSTER Premium Collar

The BUSTER Premium Dog Collar is the greatest innovation in e-collars since the original BUSTER Collar!
It is an ideal choice for patients recovering from surgery or minor injuries and it is also suitable to protect lesions resulting from or aggravated by excessive licking, biting or chewing.

Thought-through design ready to use!

UK_BUSTER Premium Collar billede

BUSTER Inflatable Collars

Soft and comfortable collar to prevent the dog from reaching injuries, stitches, rashes or wounds.
The inflatable inner pouch is protected by an outer nylon or PVC cover to resist bites and scratches.

Inflatable Collar picture

Companion Therapy Lasers

Your pet will love laser therapy!

KRUUSE offers the best-selling Class IV therapy laser on the market, Companion from the US company LiteCure LLC.  With their innovative design and distinct understanding of the underlying principles of laser therapy, LiteCure LLC has developed a series of therapy lasers especially for the veterinary market. Focusing on supporting research in laser therapy they
have created the most advanced and evidence based clinical protocols in the market.