New Web site and New ERP System |


New Web site and New ERP System

New Website and New ERP System

Shortly after Easter, KRUUSE launches a new website with lots of new functionalities and features. At the same time, we implement a new ERP system. We have been working hard on both solutions and cannot wait to share it with our customers.

New Customer Numbers for Everyone!

The first time you log on to the new website, you will be given your new customer number. We will inform more about this when the time comes where you need to log in for the first time.

Our New Website Offers Lots of New Features!

Our users on the current website have continuously given us feedback to where we could improve the site. We have listened - developed - and now we will offer:

- Display of live stock status and track 'n trace on orders
- Unlimited amount of favourite lists
- Extended self service

Questions and Answers

- Can you get the new login before the launch of the new website?
  No, you have to wait until the launch date.

- Can I get my favourite list moved to the new solution?
  Yes, contact us on the KRUUSE mail and we will help you.

- What happens to back orders?
  Open orders with KRUUSE items will be entered into the new system during the transfer.

We Will Update This Page With More Information, Questions and Answers Up to Go Live

And please remember that you can win a special price, if you place an order in the first week after Go Live.
It is going to be even easier to order items online at KRUUSE!

We cannot wait….