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This system offers the highest quality with excellent flexibility. When it comes to the handpieces for the system you have the option to choose between different handpieces either without our with the option of water irrigation. With the EQUIVET PowerDent System it only takes 6 - 8 minutes to accomplished the yearly routine floating and it is done precise and gentle.

The powerful and lightweight EQUIVET PowerDent Unit Limotorised system includes a special 24V DC motor mounted inside the controller unit with a 5 speed bi-directional selector switch. Electronic torque control is built into the system.

Our Water Irrigation System is impressively light and hooks easily onto your belt. It is low voltage as battery operated. Helps keep dust levels down. Improves visibility. Keeps teeth and the head of your handpiece cool. Improves finish.

The disk and range of burrs are coated with a unique synthetic diamond. This behaves like a natural diamond staying sharper for longer.

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