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NSK Straight Nose Cone 1:1


Straight nose cone for working with Low-Speed motors. Special ergonomic and bur mounting features with Twist Chuck Lock function which secures the bur or polishing cup. Speed 1:1. See more details under further information.

NSK Straight Nose Cone 1:1

This series of straight nose handpieces has special ergonomic and bur mounting features. The Twist Chuck lock function is a blue triangular silicone bur locking ring, which provides ergonomically correct and excellent grip, eases the finger setup and eliminates fatigue. At the same time, it releases and secures bur mounting with a single twist of the locking ring.
• Reducing stress and fatigue during procedures
• Fully autoclavable at 135°C and thermo disinfection in machine by 90°C
• Can be used on all air-driven micromotors
• For surgical burs (ø 2.35 mm)
• 1-year warranty

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