KRUUSE Intro Dental unit w/compressor and NSK Piezo Scaler (282427) - Dental Units and Handpieces |


KRUUSE Intro Dental unit w/compressor and NSK Piezo Scaler


Small, very handy and with all the necessary equipment required for performing excellent dental procedures. Table top, manual handpiece selection and recessed handpieces.

The recessed handpieces reduce the risk of injuries from the burrs and scaler and bending/breakage of the syringe. On the economical side, you reduce renewal of the equipment or downtime if the burrs or handpieces break during the accident. With this feature, the clinic is well-prepared and ahead of future regulatiory demands for protection against cuts and cross-contamination.

The flat tabletop is manufactured in metal and painted, so they are resistant to water and dirt. A potentiometer controlls the fluctuations of the scaler tip. And finally you can easily select your handpiece.

Please note: KRUUSE dental units are designed as a “build to fit system” and as such handpieces are not included in these prices. Contact your KRUUSE territory mananger for more information and set-up of your solution.

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