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KRUUSE X-lifter table w/battery. 130 x 60 cm


KRUUSE X-lifter is a special transport table for smooth and easy movement of patients (up to 80 kg) from the car park into the veterinary hospital, between locations inside as well as up and down between floor and tabletops, cages, etc. The KRUUSE X-lifter is as easy to use as ABC and can be handled by just one person. In addition, it facilitates decreased risk of employee injuries, such as back strains, and improves veterinary patient care and help patients experience less stress.
It is difficult and strenuous for veterinary staff to move patients around a small animal veterinary hospital – and the handling can be stressful for the patients.
The KRUUSE X-lifter is much more than “just a table with wheels”. Both hospital staff and veterinary patients will be much better off with KRUUSE X-lifter on the premises. This very special veterinary patient transport table – the only one of its kind specifically developed for the veterinary profession.
• Stainless steel table top 130 x 60 cm
• Bumber around the edge of the table top
- No holes in walls
- No bruises to staff members
• Fixation rails along the side
• Maximum lifting capacity: 80 kg
• Maximum height: 97 cm
• Minimum height: 27 cm
• 360°high quality movable castors with locking mechanism
• Rechargable battery
- Fully charged approx. 40 lifts
Patent pending.

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