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BUSTER VitalChew Senior, medium/large, 30 pcs. UK


Senior Health is a complementary feed for older dogs.
Senior Health contains adjusted amounts of the essential EPA andDHA acids from fish oil. Studies show that a high content of DHA is good for the ageing dog´s brain.
In addition Selenium, Folic acid, Riboflavin, Biotin and Vitamin E have been added, which together with the fish oil supports skin, fur and the immune system.
Senrior Health is available for small dogs (up to 10kg) and medium/big dogs (10-30kg+).

Contains 64 mg EPA and 320 mg DHA

Give your dog the VitalChew with its normal meal.
VitalChew has many advantages:
• Easy to give
• Prevents smell and oxidation unlike traditional fish oils
• Prepared in easy daily dosages
• Correct dosage every time
• Good taste and highly effective

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BUSTER VitalChew Senior, medium/large, 30 pcs. UK

VitalChew is a series of supplementary feed for dogs containing fish oil with a targeted content of omega-3. The unique high concentration of essential omega-3 acids makes VitalChew very effective. VitalChew is based on a patented technology, which enables mixing oil and water based ingredients into one gel dosage. Each dosage contains high concentrations of essential fatty acids, both DHA and EPA. This makes it possible to target the products towards the specific conditions. VitalChew is developed by vets and contains scientifically documented ingredients.

VitalChew Senior Health furthermore contains:
• Selenium: 100 mcg
• Vitamin E: 7,0 mg-a-TE
• Riboflavin: 1300 mcg
• Folic acid: 70 mcg
• Biotin: 40 mcg

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