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Thermal Infrared Camera E40BX


Affordable, ultra-compact, lightweight infrared camera.

Thermal Infrared Camera E40BX

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique which can be used to detect surface temperatures of the equine body and extremities. As such it can be used to detect heat or a hot spot, and since heat is one ofthe cardinal signs of inflammation it can be used to detect injury at very early stages. Reduced bloodflow through an area or a cold spot is easy to recognise with the thermal camera and an early diagnosis ofatrophy is possible. Enabling visualisation of slight changes in circulatory function results in the management of specific health related conditions by detecting anatomical and physiological change that is otherwise undetectable.
This thermography diagnostic system offers the highest resolution and most accurate detection of temperature differences.This system is an additional diagnostic tool to help veterinarians get to the correct diagnosis quicker. The system can for instance be used for the following:
- Lameness evaluation
- Back problems
- Saddle fitting
- Hoof imbalance
- Pre-purchase exams
- Training aid (Racing and performance prospects)

Thermography a supplement.
The Thermography Camera does not compete with other methods of detection, such as hands-on evaluations, radiology and ultrasound, but rather works with them to provide the most complete diagnosis possible. While these traditional methods are thorough, they often identify an injury only after it has occurred, and can be time consuming and expensive when used without prior knowledge of a specific injury. This product''s unique ability to detect the early stages of injuries and pinpoint their locations alerts veterinarians/clients to potential problems. By interpreting this information, veterinarians can use other diagnostic tools to make a more complete diagnosis if necessary, saving time and money.

Infrared Thermography FLIR b50 Infrared Camera
FLIR b50 Infrared Camera includes:
- Camera (0.6 kg)
- LCD Colour Display 3.5
- Digital camera 2.3 Megapixels
- Stores more than 1000 standard JPEG Images (Micro SD card)
- Copy images to your PC connecting with USB cable
- Battery (Li Ion) 5 hours operating time
- Rugged Carry Case

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