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KRUUSE Manuka Bandages

The superior choice in wound management

Honey as a wound dressing has recently re-emerged medically following centuries of anecdotal use throughout the world. The KRUUSE dressings are made with 100% pure Manuka.

Manuka has superior antibacterial activity primarily due to hydrogen peroxide generated by an enzyme that the bees add to the nectar of the Manuka flower. The Range of dressings comes both in an absorbent version (KRUUSE Manuka AD) which is used to clean the wound and later once the wound is cleaned and granulation has started a non-adherent bandage is used (KRUUSE Manuka ND).

Both version come in 5x5 cm and 10x12,5 cm as well as a roll of 10x100cm ideal for equine forelimb. The KRUUSE Manuka Honey is also available in its pure form in a 15 gr tube.

KRUUSE Manuka Honey ND


KRUUSE Manuka G 15g