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DogMaze fits all sizes

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- Challenges your dog while eating
BUSTER DogMaze is good news for every pet owner who likes to challenge their dog.

- BUSTER DogMaze makes dinner playtime
BUSTER DogMaze is designed as a labyrinth. The feed is placed in the deep and curved tracks. The dog can easily see, smell and even touch the food. Yet it has to mobilize its intelligence to push the food to the exit holes for eating. The dog will spend longer time on the meal and its senses are stimulated and challenged while it eats. The result is a healthy and happier dog.

Use the BUSTER DogMaze for both the usual meal but also for the extra treat. You can add to the fun and difficulty by varying the size of the feed and the treat. The larger the easier and the fewer the harder. Most dog breeds can benefit from the maze that comes in two different sizes.

The BUSTER DogMaze can be used both in and out doors. It is molded in one piece and can withstand rainy weather and dishwasher. It is made of food-grade PP and is a phthalate-free product.

Besides the unique functionality, BUSTER is a beautiful example of Scandinavian design.


BUSTER DogMaze - is a dog toy, dog bowl and ‘a healthier, happier’ dog – all in one... This fabulous product for all dogs alike – playful, foodloving and a little too food-loving dogs – is the culmination of a lifelong friendship and a shared passion for pet welfare of Mikkel Hansen and Frederik Lindskov, the two Danish inventors.

BUSTER DogMaze is the result of almost 10 years’ intensive work in dog behaviour and dedicated product development. Frederik Lindskov and Mikkel Hansen have specialised in developing pet accessories which stimulate and challenge the dog’s senses in every way.

“The idea is to stimulate as many of the dog’s senses as possible, preferably at the same time,” Frederik Lindskov says, adding: “This makes the dog happier and healthier The dog’s preferred sensory organs are its nose, tongue, and paws which is why BUSTER DogMaze is designed to stimulate and challenge the dog’s smell, taste, and sense of touch.”

Three aspects must interact perfectly and without compromises in everything Mikkel Hansen and Frederik Lindskov invent, develop and design: Simplicity, Sturdiness and Stylishness.
Mikkel Hansen explains:
"Because we are working with animals, animal welfare and attracting the dog’s attention – not for just 10 minutes but for 10 years – a general feature in our collaboration is that we keep simplifying shapes and ideas until we have the ultimate essence of the entire working process gathered in one product: a functional, sturdy and stylish product, which could in fact be considered a design object for pets.”

During the shooting of the BUSTER DogMaze commercial, the two inventors happened to show up at the set with a couple of their own dogs. The two dogs were an example of health and vigour ...  both dogs ended up in the commercial.

The two inventors have several new products in the pipeline in collaboration with KRUUSE. It will be interesting to see what the innovative duo will present next.