Fish oil is not just fish oil |


Fish oil is not just fish oil

Marine oils are not all the same - the levels of EPA and DHA vary a lot. Traditional refined fish oils contain a relatively low level of EPA and DHA, and have a typically composition of 18% EPA and 12% DHA (Oil type TG1812). In order to give enough EPA and DHA per dosage, your dog would have to take large volumes of oil to see improvements.

EPA and DHA from fish oil can be concentrated and fractioned - resulting in products with a high level of EPA and/or DPA. At the same time the content of EPA and DHA can be differentiated for the concentration of the fatty acids to be targeted the dog´s life stage or condition.
What are the benefits of fish oil?
Fish oil has well documented effects on a variety of conditions in both dogs and humans. The effect comes mainly from the two primarily fatty acids in omega-3, EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA are very popular supplements because of their many health-promoting properties. They regulate many functions in the body and are
anti-inflammatory. Marine oils derived from fish and algae contain EPA and DHA and can be used as a supplement to these essential fatty acids.

Types of fish oils and their distribution and content of EPA and DHA:vital