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ConCordix® Game changing technology

The ConCordix® technology makes it possible to mix oil and water based ingredients into one gel tablet. On top of this it is possible to add vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients and create a product with increased effect.

Need more info – read the Vitux whitepaper on BUSTER VitalChew

The gel tablet dissolves in the gastric juice, which ensures an effective and enhanced uptake of the nutrients. For VitalChew this means that the uptake of the EPA/DHA fatty acids are improved compared to traditional fish oil which can sit on top of the gastric juice.

VitalChew has added vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients with targeted and scientifically proven effects on the different life stages, which makes VitalChew very effective.

The technology behind VitalChew opens up for new combinations of future products for dogs, cats and other pets globally speaking.

The patented and innovative ConCordix® dosage format has been used for human dietary supplements for years.

Fatty acids in gastric juice
continuouslyphases on top

                          ConCordix® emulsion in gastric
juice stays evenly dispersed