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BUSTER VitalChew

Health for your dog - made easy

VitalChew is a series of omega-3 treats for dogs, which is easy and simple to give to your dog either via in its food bowl, with a normal meal or as a daily treat.

VitalChew has been developed by vets and contains scientifically documented ingredients.

• Customised omega-3 for different life stages
• Added vitamins and minerals
• Correct dosage every time
• Great taste and highly effective
• Comes in easy daily dosages
• Prevents smell and oxidation unlike traditional fish oils
• Easy to give


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Vitalchew is available in 4 versions:

275240 BUSTER VitalChew Puppy Health, 30 pack.
275241 BUSTER VitalChew Joints and Mobility, small, 30 pack. (Dogs less than 10 kg)
275242 BUSTER VitalChew Joints and Mobility, medium/large, 30 pack. (Dogs more than 10 kg)
275243 BUSTER VitalChew Skin and Coat, small, 30 pack. (Dogs less than 10 kg)
275244 BUSTER VitalChew Skin and Coat, medium/large, 30 pack. (Dogs more than 10 kg)
275245 BUSTER VitalChew Senior Health, small, 30 pack. (Dogs less than 10 kg)
275246 BUSTER VitalChew Senior Health, medium/large, 30 pack. (Dogs more than 10 kg)

Vital Chew has 4 variants which have unique customised ingredients for each condition

What do the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA support?

Essential fatty acids EPA and DHA are vital to maintaining normal skin structure and function. Lack of these fatty acids may result in alopecia and greasy skin which can cause bacterial infection on the skin, especially in the ears and between the toes

Scientific studies have shown a clear advantage when using high-dose omega-3 fatty acids to support the treatment of pruritic skin diseases. BUSTER VitalChew Skin + Coat contains an extra high concentration of both EPA and DHA combined with GLA

Puppy and Senior
Essential fatty acids support the brain development and cognitive function. Scientific studies have found that DHA supplements may improve the learning ability for puppies and help improve senior dog’s congnitive function. The essential fatty acids support the overall puppy and senior health. DHA contribute to neurologic and retinal development. One Examination study found that visual performance was improved in puppies fed with high amounts of DHA. This is why BUSTER VitalChew Puppy Health and Senior Health contains a high level of DHA.


Joint and Mobility
DHA and especially EPA has an anti-inflammatory effect. Increased intake of these fatty acids, through the daily feed or via a high quality omega-3 treat, can help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, ie. Arthritis, diabetes, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.   

Different studies have found that omega-3 may reduce clinical symptoms of osteoarthritis and decreased mobility in dogs. Osteoarthritis affects up to 20% of all dogs and is a common immune mediated disease, which cause painful and swollen joints and lameness. VitalChew Joint + Mobility has a high level of EPA to support mobility and joint function.

VitalChew is the only omega-3 supplementary feed with concentrated amounts of EPA/DHA fatty acids, which is customized to target the conditions and life stages that we want to address.

EPA and DHA are highly susceptible to oxidative degradation and must therefore be stored in airtight packaging.