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B'Seen in the Dark

B’Seen restores safety for dogs and their owners to walk at night, especially during the dark winter. The new B’Seen 360 lights up from all directions, no matter what direction the lamp turns. It allows the dog, the owner and children to become more visible in the dark. An added bonus is that the lamp has a modern design and is visually appealing!

- B’Seen 360 lights up all the way round and offers maximum visibility in the dark
- Waterproof and shock proof so you can easily do your evening walk – even on the beach
- Attractive Danish design
- Available in 4 modern colours
- 3 x L736 exchangeable batteries
- Handy packing with 8 lamps

We can easily help you sell the B’Seen 360. Just order our B’Seen posters or a smart table display that holds 32 lights. It can be put on your front desk as an easy way to attract customers. Or talk to your commercial about an advertisement.

Cat. No     Description 
275805     B'Seen 360 8/pk, black  
275806     B'Seen 360 8/pk, white  
275807     B'Seen 360 8/pk, lime
275808     B'Seen 360 8/pk, orange  
391401     B'Seen 360 display 
472526     B'Seen 360 50x70 cm poster