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KRUUSE Laser Helps Sarcoid Cases

One of the KRUUSE Diode Lasers recently went on a trip to Morocco. Here feedback from Francesca Compostella at SPANA.

"KRUUSE kindly sponsored part of the equipment for our recent "Surgery Wet Lab" held in the SPANA Marrakech Centre between the 14-19th of September 2015.

During such course we had the opportunity to operate on complicated sarcoid cases, utilising their Diode Laser. Their portable machine was easy to operate and transport, and invaluable especially when tackling recurrent, aggressive masses, located in difficult areas.

It was the first time a machine of this kind was utilised in Morocco or in any other country SPANA operates in. We must thank KRUUSE for allowing us (and trusting us!) to fly out their superb machine and use it to benefit a large number of working equids as well as train local veterinarians."

"KRUUSY resting after his long flight"

"Some of the cases presented for laser treatment"

Francesca Compostella DVM, MRCVS
Veterinary Director SPANA UK