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TPLO Saw Blades VI Pattern 21 mm [TPLOVI21]


We have sold TPLO saw blades from various manufacturers over the years but have always thought that none of them cut as well as they should. In addition some of the blade lengths available did not match the clinical requirement. We have, therefore, designed our own.

TPLO Saw Blades VI Pattern 21 mm [TPLOVI21]

Currently available blades either have no set or a one sided set. The set of a saw is the way that alternate teeth protrude outside the blade of the saw. The set, which is found on all woodworking and metal working saws, is there to create a slot in the material, wood, metal or bone, which is slightly larger than the blade so that the blade does not produce friction in the slot. Friction creates heat which although not serious in either wood or metal is very serious in bone. Thermal necrosis along the saw cut of TPLO osteotomies is a common cause of delayed union and failure. In addition to heat, friction leads to jamming of the blade in the slot which is both frustrating and destructive. VI TPLO blades have a full bilateral set for maximum efficiency. Blade length varies from 35mm in the 15mm blade to 65mm in the 30mm blade as requested by leading surgeons. The VI TPLO Blades are also available in the following sizes: VITPLO Blade 15mm, VI TPLO Blade 18mm, VI TPLO Blade 24mm, VI TPLO Blade 27mm, VI TPLO Blade 30mm.

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